04Aug 2015

MBL Solutions SRL , Apulian excellence of mechatronics has been selected among the five finalists of the 9th edition of the Italian Mechatronics Award. The award, organized by Unindustria of Reggio Emilia with the collaboration of the experts of ”Nòva24 The Sole24ore”, the Mechatronics Club and with the support of the “Community Group “that aims […]

03Jul 2015

Growing attention of foreign countries towards engineering Made in Italy. The sectors through the aid of mechatronics are getting great benefits in terms of production, turnover and innovation and becoming increasingly large The attention is focused on the technology with the Italian brand by the Mediterranean countries, the countries of Eastern Europe, going towards Russia […]

22Jun 2015

    It is the first time target in the history of the young but ambitious company Mbl Solutions Srl located in Corato. It is a few days after the tenth anniversary of the birth of a group of “innovation tailors’ which is creator, together with other Apulian companies of ” the mechatronics of the […]

28Jan 2015

From the design to the implementation all turnkey: Another CUSTOMIZATION has seen MBL Solutions as protagonist who has brilliantly solved the automation demand of a company active in the production of baked goods. Last October 2014 a baked goods company located in the province of Bari has expressed the need to automate a production phase […]

04Dec 2014

  A new international event is thus forthcoming for Mbl Solutions, in Bari (the factories are located in Corato), specializing in offering mechatronic solutions and innovation for Enterprises. The group of engineers of Corato on which in 2015 will celebrate 10 years in business, all very young (under 40 years of age) and for some […]

08Jul 2014

  A further customization for MBL according to the customer needs: it is a robotized system for depalletizing and cutting the bags for the plastics industry. The system is based on an anthropomorphic robot equipped with an innovative gripping device able to pick up bags up to 25 kg in weight, cut off the wrapping […]